Drupal 8 is finally out! And yes it brings you more than 200 improved features. There is something on the plate for everyone – developers, site-builders, CIO’s, marketers, content administrators and themers! The features introduced are very robust and make development even more interesting. After many efforts by the Drupal community for the last 5 years, this version has brought more than 200 features and improvements that will surely blow your mind.

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Here is the list of Top 8 Features that Drupal 8 has to offer

  1. Multi-Lingual Support

Drupal 8 is making noise with its new version. It will speak the language you would want it to, and thus providing you with features that appeal to the global audience. It translates with built-in user interfaces. You can build pages with language filtering and block visibility also. The website is synced with the Drupal community so you get automatic updates on software translations. The language support helps in establishing a relationship with users as they avail convenience in communication and also make removes the barrier of language, so that businesses cannot only reach a global audience but also sell products and services with ease. Every task in the language support is made simpler with introduction of new features.

  1. Avails Authority

The new editor is enhanced with CKEditor which makes it easier to edit content. The new user interface features have been concentrated in two main columns depending upon its importance. It avails with features like in-place editing of content without having to use the full edit form. The WYSIWYG configuration has become simpler in order to tighten web security for the website. Also, saving drafts is easier and you can deploy content where you want it along with the way you want it to look. So enjoy power over just every element of your website.

  1. Theming made Interesting

The look and feel of any website is equally important as the functionality of a website. For professional services, custom-made or premium products, it definitely plays a very important role. Drupal 8 introduces flexible, fast and secure template engine for PHP language which is known as Twig. With the help of TWIG templates, it is much easy to learn syntax along with an added advantage of several simplifications in usage. It now offers greater security too. With this interesting inclusion, you can design very appealing and functional websites through Drupal 8 and leave an impression in your customer’s mind.

  1. Improved HTML Mark-up’s

Any website or mobile application is impressive only when it is compatible with different mobile screens or desktop dimensions. HTML5 plays a key role in making websites fully functional and compatible. Drupal 8 version includes HTML5 standards which enables effective development of responsive websites. The standards include proper native tools on mobile for fields like date, e-mail and phone. So, now you can avail users with extra-ordinary features.

  1. Enhanced Web Services

Drupal is now become the next most preferred open-source platform for website development, one of the reasons being the massive Drupal community. With the new version in place, you can develop application as the data source or even post back to Drupal portal from the client’s end. The new version features also helps in implementing state-of-the-art Hypertext Application Language (HAL), aren’t you awed? Developers can expose content as JSON or XML, authenticate a client with HTTP authentication or expose views-generated lists as services. There are endless possibilities for developers across the world with the features that Drupal 8 avails.

  1. Now, Views Add-Ons

In the Drupal module, the view add-on has made news among the developers community. It is one of the most effective features that Drupal 8 is enabling us. Even non-developers can create lists, posts, galleries, tables, maps, graphs, menu items, blocks, reports, forum reports and much more. The Views section comes with in-built features like the core CMS which is deeply integrated. The front page listing is now a view which is bettering the view of several administration pages so you can customize the page and blocks. Also, it allows creation of admin pages, customizing filter options and related actions. So, all that Drupal 8 brings you is a lot of simplified functionality and convenience.

  1. More Field Power

This version offers a more structured and organized pattern of functioning. Drupal 8 enables users with more field power. It has extended itself to signature content structure system by including more field types in core, and lets you attach many types of content to the structure. The new types include entity reference, linking, date, email, telephone etc. You can also add comments and remarks in a field and products, attach files or forms to create forms and entry access. Therefore, it enables a structure that enhances your website’s performance with ease.

  1. Last but not the least – An Approach For Industry Standards

The new release features offers a brilliant and clean approach for the development through an open-source platform. It is more modern, object-oriented code (classes, inheritance, interfaces etc.). For your information, if loves the latest PHP standards, for instance PSR-4, PSR-3, namespaces and traits. It leverages on ‘best of breed’ technologies in external libraries: Composer, PHPUnit, Guzzle, Zend Feed Component, Assetic and many more. An approach that provides you with the best in technology and subscribes to standardized technologies that help in bettering the functionality of Drupal-made websites.

There may be a few obvious questions that you may have; we have also tried to answer those for you. Please see them below:

How to update the code of my own modules?

You can use the Drupal Module Upgrader, by clicking on the link here: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupalmoduleupgrader. This will help you with the first stage of the up-gradation. The inline coding is available here: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/8 . Here, you can find all the newly introduced APIs also.

When will be the version completed or ready-to-use?

The community released firstly in October 7th, 2015 and is making progress just every day. For regular updates, visit the Drupal Core Updates and Drupal 8 release cycle overview. You can also contribute to the community to finish Drupal 8 version.

What kinds of organizations select Drupal 8?

It is important to understand that irrespective of the version, it is at the end of the day Drupal open source. The development platform is very flexible and thus one of the most used and popular platform outsourced for website development with a community of more 3200 developers. It is used mostly by everyone from small companies, NGO’s to big sized government systems. As mentioned above it comes with more than 200 improvements, so be it be any business, you must make the most of it. Its implementation is suitable for any size or type.

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