Windows 10

Image Courtesy https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/features

So only your life gets better with WINDOWS 10 in picture. It is about a more personal experience than ever. This version has many things on the platter for you. It is said to have many similarities with windows 7 version. There are a million downloads already. Let us have a look at what Microsoft has in store for us. 

  • It starts faster and resumes faster than before.
  • Better in-build security for your safety.
  • Designed to optimally work across your software and hardware devices.
  • Enhances internet surfing availing to cutting edge speed from browsing to what you are really doing.
  • Convenience in storing your book marks and easy access to check them later.
  • Provides you with multiple desktop visibilities so that you can work on two or more things simultaneously.
  • Built –in applications for better user experience.
  • Personalization is possible, speak, write, touch or type.

 Magically Personal

According to us, the best feature that Windows 10 brings you is the desktop sharing, where you can be doing many things at once. It proves very useful during work hours and research. It gets convenient. Moreover, the in-built application enables back –up storage which allows data in one cloud and smooth sync process. So now, you don’t have your data saved here and there, you can access it all at one place.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Windows 10 version, you do not really have to worry. We have news, it is free to Upgrade until the year end. So you can download until 31st of December, 2015.

If you have already experienced, write us your review on the version. I will be happy to hear from you. I will be reviewing the same, so your inputs are of utmost value. Comment or give your opinions on the same.