21 Step SEO Checklist for Blog Posts that Rank Well on Google [Infographic]


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Do you want your blog posts to rank higher on Google? Want to generate more traffic from people searching online?

Feldman Creative share a 21-step blog SEO checklist to follow in this infographic.

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Don’t freak out about the CIA hacking your Mac and iPhone



The CIA has put quite a bit effort into figuring out ways to hack Apple devices.That’s the takeaway from the latest batch of documents dumped by WikiLeaks.

The so-called “Dark Matter”documents, published Thursday, detail methods allegedly used by the CIA to infect MacBooks and some older iPhones with malware that allowed the agency to remotely spy on device owners. Continue reading

CyberSecurity: Minimize Your Vulnerabilities To Combat Exploits


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Vulnerabilities and exploits are closely related security concepts which are often confused but it is critically important to understand the difference in order to secure your IT systems as tightly as possible. Let us delve deep into each concept one by one to know them a little more:

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The weak spots in software code which allows an attacker to exploit them to steal data or expose your organization are referred to as vulnerabilities. They usually enter the code base either at the time of initial app building or whenever an update is made. To avoid them slipping in you must rely on mobile/web app development experts who are adept at following best coding practices. Continue reading

How to Satisfy Needs of eCommerce Users (Infographic)


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As the e-commerce industry is increasingly getting competitive on almost daily basis, it becomes more and more crucial for you to creatively differentiate your business from your competition. For that you need to streamline the shopping process of your site right from browsing to checkout by seeking professional solution from E-commerce development specialists to deliver intuitive experience to users leading to repeat and loyal customers. We bring you this infograph to help you read your customers’ mind so that you can get innovative with your business strategies and achieve customer satisfaction.

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First developed in 2009, at Brat Tech LLC as software for online JSON storage services,AngularJS is now among the most popular JavaScript server side and client side technology for building web apps. AngularJS has come a long way where today even large websites and integrated web applications are built with AngularJS.

 AngularJS – The Ideal Framework for Building Web Applications

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AngularJS is now a product by Google. It is further developed and maintained by Google Engineers. Because the brand behind AngularJS is Google, it is undoubtedly the best framework for web development. It offers two way binding process that allows flexibility in views. And it comes with MVVM model that makes development very interesting. Continue reading

Trends Boosting the eCommerce Sale


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Well, we are quite aware of the fact that an eCommerce business has got numerous advantages over a brick and mortar store. Surely this has to be one of the prime reasons for many eCommerce businesses as well as many of the brick and mortar store with the eCommerce business.

Trends Boosting the eCommerce Sale - Image 1

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Well, we are quite aware of the fact that an eCommerce business has got numerous advantages over a brick and mortar store. Surely this has to be one of the prime reasons for many eCommerce businesses as well as many of the brick and mortar store with the eCommerce business. Continue reading

Is The Future Augmented Or Virtual?


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Be it Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, the technology for transforming how we view the world or how we interact with the world, how we learn about the world and how we communicate with each other is certainly on a course of bringing a kind of an evolution in the world of technology.

We have often asked ourselves that, what really separates AR and VR from one another. Both surely have earned a lot of attention these days and the path they have laid for the future seems to be quite promising after all. Again, what really is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? Let us find out.

So, what is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality

In a simpler terminology, VR basically is a computer-generated simulation. What it does is it allows the users to feel like they are experiencing stimulated reality, precisely by stimulating their own vision and hearing. At some point of time, we want to escape the reality and VR exactly does that, helps you escape the reality to experience something beautiful. Continue reading

Apple Music exits beta on Android with 3.3 stars


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Back in November 2015, Apple released its music streaming service for Android phones as a beta. 9 months later, the app is now official a version 1.0. And yet, it only has an average rating of 3.3 stars on the Play Store. Continue reading

AngularJS – Exclusively For Web App Development


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Are you a beginner or a professional seeking that one technology which makes you future ready? Then answer is AngularJS! For the record, it is a new library/ framework for JavaScript Applications to work with browsers. It is a powerful client side technology that is changing the way web apps were being developed.  It has been in the scene for a while now but has gained popularity in the recent times.

Angularjs Development Company

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Introduction to AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework coded purely in JavaScript and consists of a JavaScript file to work with browsers. With AngularJS, you can easily create SPA Applications – this means Single Page Applications and line of business applications. It helps you to bind HTML UIwith JavaScript Objects in the most convenient way. As web developers, you can easily create mini websites and you can also develop very large websites as it provides extreme flexibility. It is a framework which is backed by Google Company. It is maintained bydedicated Google Engineers. Continue reading

Complaints prompt Windows 10 update change



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Microsoft is to offer “clearer options” for users upgrading – or not – to Windows 10.

The move comes following months of criticism that Windows 10 was being forced upon users using what has been described as a “nasty trick”. Continue reading